Jeff Hook

We watched the our daughter’s growth process from day one, and have been extremely impressed and completely pleased with the direction the center has taken. One can easily find “day-care” staff, but to find people who are so passionate about teaching and caring for preschoolers is not an easy task. Alice Anne has consistently brought in the highest quality staff members which has fostered a unique and extremely positive learning environment. Our daughter learned so much before she had to tackle Kindergarten that we were amazed!

Our daughter is now in second grade and we have a son who is currently attending his final year of Bright Beginning. We will sorely miss the rich learning environment that Bright Beginning has, but more importantly we will miss Alice Anne and the terrific staff. Bright Beginning Children’s Learning Center is a great and positive experience for children. The detail of teaching, the level of encouragement and the love shown to our children is completely beyond what we expected from a preschool. The amount of education both of our children have gained from Bright Beginning will be the building blocks for the rest of their education.

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