What a wonderful time of the year! This past weekend, the BBCLC team/family came together to have our Annual Holiday Party and it sure was a wonderful time!!! It was encouraged to come dressed in your festive wear, whether that be pajamas, an ugly sweater, festive leggings, etc. 

As the team arrived, they placed their White Elephant gift under the tree, grabbed a plate, and sat down at the beautifully decorated table (AliceAnne (owner), Marissa (AliceAnne’s daughter), and I took the time to decorate the table with garland, candles, gold trees, ornaments and more). The delicious dinner was catered by Bowl of Cherries! We sat around the table to enjoy the AMAZING food, catch up, reminisce and enjoy each other’s company.

As everyone was about to finish their dinner, Whitney (Crownsville Director), Brianna (Glen Burnie Director), and I started to get the games ready! We started with the Snowman Paper Plate Drawing Game. First, you hand each player a paper plate and marker. Then, the players put the paper plate on top of their heads. Lastly, someone tells the story of “how to make a snowman”.

Here is the story, in case you and your family would like to play this game!

1. We are going to draw a snowman scene. Draw a line for the ground.

2. On top of the ground, draw a large circle for the bottom of the snowman.

3. On top of the large circle, draw a medium circle for the body of the snowman.

4. On top of the medium circle, draw a smaller circle for the snowman’s head.

5. Draw a top hat on top of the small circle.

6. Add three buttons to the middle circle.

7. Add eyes and a coal mouth to the top circle.

8. Draw a carrot nose on the top circle.

9. Add two stick arms to either side of the medium circle.

10. Draw a scarf on the snowman.

11. Now, look at your snowman drawing!

We moved on to the Oven Mitt Game where each player has an opportunity to win a gift by simply (definitely not so simple) opening a gift, but the twist is with a pair of mittens. While one player is trying to open the gift, the next player is trying to roll matching dice. Once they roll the same number, they then put on the pair of mittens and try opening the gift. Did I mention this gift is wrapped in several boxes, LOTS of tape, ribbon, and wrapping paper?! This game is SO much fun with lots of friendly competition and laughter!

We then moved on to the White Elephant Game! Each team member brings a wrapped gift that is a maximum of $20. We start by holding the gift we brought. Then we go around in a circle by rolling dice. The number that matches on the dice will determine what to do next. We continue to play until every gift is open and then that’s your gift!

Our last game of the night was the Left, Right Game , we told a story about Suing Santa, and every time you hear the word left, you give the gift to the person to your left and then the same for the right. Once the story ends, whoever had the gift in their hands is the winner!

We encourage you to play these kid-friendly games at home with your family! This was such a fun time where we got to spend the evening together with LOTS of laughter!!!!

From our BBCLC family to yours, we wish you a very Happy, Healthy, and Safe Holiday! We will see you in 2022!!!

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