We are continuing to focus on Purpose, Habits/Rituals, and Strengths during this month! For our Positive Education Focus with the children, we focused on Purpose and Strengths. The teachers discussed that as we grow and begin to look for and think of the purpose of life, we use our strengths to guide us on that journey. Children have many areas of strengths- some occur naturally and some are more difficult to identify. Recognizing and discussing the specific strengths of children can help them be successful.

Emerging research shows character strengths-based interventions increase student achievement, engagement, and well-being. Research also shows that using your character strengths can help you:

· Buffer against, manage and overcome problems
· Improve your relationships
· Enhance the health and overall well-being
· Improve work/school performance

The teachers read the books, “I Love You Because You’re You”, “The Lovables in the Kingdom of Self-Esteem”, “Be You” or “And Here’s to You” and then discussed what each child would choose for their top strength. The children then made a bracelet that they wore home!

We encourage you and your family at home to take the Character Strengths Survey (adult and youth versions available) for each of you to determine and better understand your signature strengths. For anyone that does not know, every person has a combination of 24 character strengths that fall under six broad virtue categories and when used correctly, can positively impact your life. Character strengths are the positive parts of your personality that impact how you think, feel, and behave and are the keys to you being your best self.

Strengths can be applied in school, at home, and work, and will improve emotional health, well-being, resilience as well as academic achievement.

Here is a breakdown of the 6 virtue categories and the 24 strengths.

Wisdom- Strengths that help us learn and effectively use knowledge. (Creativity, Curiosity, Judgement, Love of Learning, Perspective)

Courage- Strengths that help us accomplish goals and stand up for what’s right. (Bravery, Perseverance, Honesty, Zest)

Humanity- Strengths that help us create and nurture relationships. (Love, Kindness, Social Intelligence)

Justice- Strengths that help us thrive as a community. (Teamwork, Fairness, Leadership)

Temperance- Strengths that help us look after ourselves. (Forgiveness, Humility, Prudence, Self-Regulation)

Transcendence- Strengths that boost our spirit. (Appreciation of Beauty & Excellence, Gratitude, Hope, Humor, Spirituality)

Try using your strengths today!

Pique your curiosity by getting carry-out from a restaurant you’ve never tried before.
Stroke your creativity by rearranging a room in your home.
Encourage your love of learning by memorizing five new vocabulary words.
Practice perseverance by chipping away at a tough project at work.
Renew your zest by trying a new, physically challenging activity.
“Lead with your strengths! There is something in you that you have to offer to other people that are refreshing to them because it represents something they don’t have. Finding your confidence in that is much more valuable than trying to compensate by pretending to be efficient in areas that you are not.”
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