Our son has been attending Bright Beginning for only two months part time and he’s learned sharing, cleaning up, his ABCs, trying new foods, and so much more. He loves going to school and doesn’t want to leave when we pick him up in the evenings! The staff at Bright Beginning are absolutely wonderful. They treat all parents and children with respect and always have a smile on their faces. It’s clear everyone there truly loves being there!
Lindsey Coe
Curiousity, Imagination, Enthusiam and encouraging Independence are values that have always been important to my wife and I. BBCLC stood out amongst all the choices we had for preschool because they prioritized these values, while also preparing our three boys for the academic expectations of kindergarten. 

The innovative curriculum taught by the schools awesome teachers are why we have spent 5 years at BBCLC.  The culture of friendship and inclusion, learning about choices and results, participating in healthy life choices and teaching curiousity and problem solving through fun and engaging methods has helped our children thrive in their own individual ways and prepared our children well beyond the class room. We recommend BBCLC to anyone considering pre school for their child.  
Dan and Christy Dupras
Bright Beginning has been perfect for my grandchild! The staff is wonderful. They make each child and each family feel valued and special. The program is excellent. The facility is immaculate. Communication is amazing. My granddaughter has been very happy at BBCLC. She grown and learned so much in the past three years. I can’t think of a better place to experience early childhood!
Susan Coleman
We have had three children attend BBCLC. BBCLC has taken wonderful care of them all. BBCLC takes time to learn the personality and needs of each child. Parent engagement is the best we have experienced. We receive thoughtful feedback and information on our children’s schedule and special activities throughout the day. The teachers create a friendly welcoming environment and truly care about the development of each child.  Schedules and activities are thoughtful and fun!  One of our oldest is now in Kindergarten and BBCLC prepared him perfectly to succeed socially and academically. His transition has been seamless.  We have a new baby on the way and we hope he will attend BBCLC! 
Jennifer L. Summerville
When we brought our son to Bright-Beginnings, we noticed an immediate improvement in his communication and ability to navigate his toddler emotions. He began saying words we didn’t even know he knew. He has come so far in one short year, and we owe this improvement to BBCLC and the teachers’ dedication to making learning fun. We could not be happier and really look forward to seeing what our son will learn next year.
KJ & Kelly Rodgers
Bright beginning is a wonderful education institution. I had both of my children attend the year before kindergarten and was very pleased at how well they were prepared. The teachers always greet you with a smile and you can tell they genuinely care about your child. It is a safe, challenging and happy environment for your kid to spend each day.
Caitlin Fowkes
“The first five years have so much to do with how the next 80 turn out.” – Bill Gates  

I read this quote nearly 10 years ago long before I had a child.  The quote stuck with me because I believed it with all of my heart.  

Fast forward to 2017, we had just moved to Annapolis, and I was searching for a preschool for my 18 month-old son with this quote in mind.  I visited nearly 15 schools and child care centers in the Annapolis/Crofton area and knew immediately after my tour at Bright Beginnings Children’s Learning Center in Crownsville that this school had the quality that I was looking for.
We had to choose a different school to start with because my son was only 18 months at the time. Let’s just say, the day he turned 2 years old, I started calling Ms. Whitney asking for available spots. We enrolled him in the Summer of 2018 and the difference in my child was almost immediate. 

The teachers and Ms. Whitney are simply exceptional.  They are caring and kind, creative and passionate, hard working and dedicated.  This is apparent through the daily interactions with the children, the hands-on lesson plans that are developed and implemented, the care of the Center, and the extra-curricular activities (yoga, Jump Bunch, Spanish, cooking) that are included.  Bright Beginnings is a like a well oiled machine that inspires the ultimate trust that is needed when deliberating preschools for children. 

It is also quite obvious to me that the owner, Alice Ann Loftus, truly gets Early Childhood Education by the way she supports her teachers, directors, and families. I feel so lucky and incredibly blessed that we found this gem of a preschool.

Thank you BBCLC!
Heather Schaefer
Our son is truly learning through play at BBCLC. We are amazed by his understanding of concepts and by his phonics and number capabilities at just age 3. The program integrates lessons into fun activities and play so learning is concurrent, not separate. In addition, all of the teachers really understand his personality and know what motivates him. 
Melanie Sipple
Yesterday when I got home from work, I pulled Adam up on my lap. We chatted for a few minutes. I asked him, as I often do, “Who loves you?” The answer is usually me, Bill, random family members. Yesterday he said, “Miss Header.” And I asked, “Who else?” He answered “All my teachers love me.” He paused and said, “AND Mrs. Loftus loves me too.” I was so touched and happy that he feels so safe and loved by you and your staff. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Rebecca Bell
I have been a parent at Bright Beginning for the past 3 years and have been very impressed by the quality of care that my son has received. The staff is friendly and communicates well, and teaches them new activities daily. I also am delighted that Spanish, Jumpbunch, art and other educational programs are a part of their curriculum. I feel that my son has received a well rounded preschool experience and I am confident that he will go into Kindergarten next year prepared. Thank you Bright Beginning for being a positive first school experience for my son.
Danielle Gibbons
My son has been at Bright Beginning since he was 20 months old. He is now getting ready to graduate the pre-k program. I cannot express enough how he has developed into such a bright, caring and fun child. Of course, that comes from within the home also, but when your child is in care full time a lot of what they learn and how they develop certain skills needs to be attributed to their care provider. Bright Beginning provides an excellent combination of both learning and fun. All of the staff are friendly, courteous and truly have your child’s best interest at heart. My son loves going to Bright Beginning every day and, as a parent, there is no better feeling then knowing your child is happy and content when they are not able to be with you.
Jennifer Watson
In my position as Behavioral Specialist I see many different childcare setting all over the county every day. I tell people “I have a very short list of place I’d send my kids.” and I’m very serious. I chose Bright Beginning precisely because I do see what is out there every day, some good and some absolutely terrifying. Bight Beginning is a very special place.​

First and foremost the staff make this center what it is. They are warm and caring and sincerely love the children they serve. The quality of the education they provide and the enthusiasm and creativity with which they provide it is above and beyond what is typical. My daughter loves “going to school”. On those days when she has a bit of a hard time in the morning, there is always a smiling face and loving arms in which to place her. That makes a parent feel a little less guilty about leaving their child. Another quality, which makes the staff at this center stand out, is their ability to listen to concerns and respond to them. I never have any second thoughts about expressing concerns, giving feedback or providing ideas because I know that they will be heard and acted on if necessary.

The quality of the program in general is wonderful and much more enriched then any I have seen in the county so far. My child is always so excited about Spanish. It is her favorite thing! I love to listen to her singing songs she has learned or trying to use phrases. Jump Bunch, Music, Abrakadoodle, all extras that many centers would not provide or if they did at extra cost to the family, all extras that make my child’s experience so much richer.

This program is outstanding. Alice Anne and her Staff make it a very safe and special place for my child. For that I owe them a huge debt of gratitude. Although, it is quite a commute to get my daughter there every day, I gladly make it. I know what is out there. I see it every day. Most days I see something that reminds me how lucky I am to have the family at Bright Beginning keeping my child safe and happy. I am truly fortunate to have the job I have because it makes me actively appreciate these wonderful people and what they do almost daily.
Doreen Campbell
We watched the our daughter’s growth process from day one, and have been extremely impressed and completely pleased with the direction the center has taken. One can easily find “day-care” staff, but to find people who are so passionate about teaching and caring for preschoolers is not an easy task. Alice Anne has consistently brought in the highest quality staff members which has fostered a unique and extremely positive learning environment. Our daughter learned so much before she had to tackle Kindergarten that we were amazed!
Our daughter is now in second grade and we have a son who is currently attending his final year of Bright Beginning. We will sorely miss the rich learning environment that Bright Beginning has, but more importantly we will miss Alice Anne and the terrific staff. Bright Beginning Children’s Learning Center is a great and positive experience for children. The detail of teaching, the level of encouragement and the love shown to our children is completely beyond what we expected from a preschool. The amount of education both of our children have gained from Bright Beginning will be the building blocks for the rest of their education.
Jeff Hook
It’s bittersweet for my daughter to be graduating and moving on from Bright Beginning. As parents, we couldn’t be more pleased with our choice. I’ve watched my child begin as an extremely shy child who was reluctant to participate in the classroom into a fun loving kid who shows that confidence and spirit that we always knew was there. She absolutely looks forward to school whether its Spanish, Jump Bunch, outdoor play, the field trips, music, art and yes, even the schoolwork. We love the smaller more personal environment with an amazing staff and the healthful meals that are provided for them. Bright Beginning is the real deal you always hope you’ll find for your child!
Debbie Livingston
Sending not one, not two, but three of our children to Bright Beginning Children’s Learning Center has been one of the best decisions we’ve made as parents. The positive changes we’ve witnessed in our children’s social intelligence and learning abilities have been truly remarkable. The difference in our children’s social skills and academic progress before and after attending Bright Beginning is evident to anyone who knows them. They have gained confidence, made meaningful connections with peers and teachers, and developed a genuine love for learning. As parents, one of the greatest reassurances we had was knowing that our
children were in safe, nurturing hands while at Bright Beginning. We never had to worry about their well-being or the quality of care they received, allowing us to focus on our own responsibilities with peace of mind. We wholeheartedly recommend Bright Beginning Children’s Learning Center to any parent seeking a nurturing, educational environment for their children. The positive impact it has had on our family is undeniable, and we are grateful for the exceptional experience they provide.
Daniel Womack
Bright Beginning has been a fantastic experience for the past 3 years for my grandson!  The teachers are so caring and loving and always take time to know exactly what he needs. I love the daily updates and pictures along with the robust curriculum that offers amazing experiences to the kids.  Bike days, special dress days, guest speakers and events all have enriched his preschool experience. Brody has grown in leaps and bounds over the years.  Now at age 4 he is full of “What I did at school today” excitement!!  Our sincere thanks to the entire staff!  
Neville Gardner
BBCLC has truly been a second home for our family! In the last 10 years and four kids later, not one, not two, but *ALL* four of our VERY different + unique personality children have unequivocally thrived, learned and blossomed under the genuinely loving care of these amazing teachers and supporting staff! Whether it’s the small moments at morning drop-off, pajama day, bike day, or any of the other fun days they have, we look forward to celebrating them all—we love, love LOVE our ladies… honestly, what a blessing to have such a special group of humans; THANK YOU (if they went all the way up to high school, we’d stay 😆)!
Tashica Morgan
We cannot speak highly enough about Bright Beginning! Our daughter has been attending the school for the last two years and we definitely will be enrolling our younger daughter as well. The staff is simply amazing. They are kind, patient, nonjudgmental, and obviously take great care in developing their play-based curriculum. They truly go above and beyond in every way. If you want your child to thrive and genuinely enjoy school, then this is the place for you!
Rachel Gargiulo
We have been using BBCLC for 17 years. First with our now 21 yo, then with our 9 yo who has Down Syndrome and medical concerns, and now with our 4 yo little girl. They have always been amazing! I can see the learning and development they provide in my children at home. I’m often surprised at what they have learned. But most importantly, I’m never concerned for their safety. I can rest easy at work knowing that they are safe. That is priceless. Thank you!
Shaina Rober
Both of our children have attended BBCLC for their entire preschool “career.” Every teacher and staff member is 100% invested in the children at all times. Our children are loved and cared for every single day, and they are challenged in their academic skills, preparing them for Kindergarten. The teachers provide fun activities on a daily basis, and the communication with families is amazing. We couldn’t love and recommend BBCLC more!!
Lindsey Coe
Bright Beginning has been our daycare provider for both our children. I didn’t waste any time registering my daughter after having a great experience with our son. They are very informative about your child’s day, provide pictures, and are actively involved in potty training. I can tell they put a lot of thought and effort into their curriculum, play based learning and summer fun activities. Our school aged son loves to go back and visit his former teachers. I can’t recommend them enough.
Tara Comfort
Finding the right preschool can be a transformative experience for a child’s educational and social development. A great preschool offers a nurturing environment where children can explore, learn, and grow. It’s a place where they can develop crucial social skills, like sharing, cooperation, and empathy, while also being introduced to the joys of learning through play and structured activities. Bright Beginnings Children’s Learning Center understands the importance of fostering both the mind and the heart, ensuring that each child feels valued and understood. Their holistic approach to early childhood education lays a strong foundation for lifelong learning and personal growth. For parents like me, seeing their daughter thrive in such an environment, making friends, and gaining confidence is a deeply rewarding experience. It’s a glowing testament to the power of the quality early education Bright Beginnings provides.
Kyami Clarke