Happy October 1st! This past week, we discussed and learned all the ways we can help in “Our Community”! We also learned the different types of community helpers, like police officers, mail carriers, teachers, firefighters, nurses, etc.

We encourage you at home to review with your child on ways you can help your community as well as being safe in your community.

8 Ways for Kids to Give Back to Their Community:

  1. Donate clothesPlant a tree
  2. Donate unwanted/unused toys
  3. Donate books to local hospitals or preschools/daycares
  4. Start recycling
  5. Send out homemade Thank You cards to your local fire department or a police station.
  6. Do Chores or Yardwork for your elderly neighbor (rake leaves, sweep or shovel sidewalk)
  7. Be a buddy to a new friend at school 

As we jump right into October, here is what we will be discussing and learning!

October Themes:

  • Rhyming, Sounds, and Letter Recognition
  • Seasons Change, Opposites and Fire Safety
  • Day & Night and Similar & Different
  • Let’s Build and Manners & Routines
  • Making Friends, Sounds, and Homes

It’s so important to be up to date on what your child is learning! This way, you can review at home as well as ask questions. “What letters did you learn about today?” “I see that you are learning about seasons changing, what season are we in right now?” “How can you be a kind friend at school?” 

The children work so hard on what they are learning, doing, and creating. And, they LOVE when you acknowledge their work! “Tell me about the artwork you created!” “You should be proud of your beautiful picture!” “I love hearing about your day and what you learned!”

Other upcoming events and special days happening in October:

We are introducing “Specials” this month! With COVID and not allowing others into the building, the teachers will continue to lead Specials this year. We are continuing with Spanish, Yoga/Mindfulness, Fitness Fun, and Author of the Month. We will also have a rotating special day, so be sure to look at the calendar that’s sent out every month as well as staying up to date with the HiMama and social media reminders as we do not want your child to miss out!!!

Lastly, we are adding Positive Psychology/Education to our Specials as well and we STRONGLY encourage you to add these pieces at home and with your family!

Be sure to come back next week with more information on Positive Psychology along with other important information, tips/techniques, activities, and art that you can do at home!

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