This past week, we focused on our theme, Colors of the Rainbow! The teachers PACKED this week with LOTS of fun activities, games, art, science experiments, and more!

During Cooking Class, the teachers discussed why eating rainbow-colored foods is so important and why it’s so good for you! Then the children followed the Colors of the Rainbow (ROYGBIV) to graph fruit and vegetables. The children ate the rainbow foods for a snack!

During Spanish, the children learned the Colors of the Rainbow in Spanish by playing fun color games with lots of movement & dancing!

Other fun things we did this past week:

Science Experiment, What will happen if we mix food coloring, baking soda, and vinegar? One of the responses was that it will make a rainbow volcano! Do you know what will happen?! You should try this experiment at home to find out.

In Art, the children used Fruit Loops and Pipe cleaners to make a rainbow bracelet. The children used sequential order to follow the rainbow. Do you have Fruit loops in your cabinet?! An easy way to learn about first, next, and last…then you can eat them! Fun!!

An activity that was completed was making orange juice with oranges and a juicer. Super easy to do as well as FUN! Is it sour or sweet?! Try it at home to find out.

During centers, we had themed books and special centers of COLORS!

We also go to dress up every day with a specific color and ended the week by dressing in ALL of the Colors of the Rainbow!

Be sure to come back in May as we will be discussing Savoring and Persevering!!

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