For our last month of the school year, we are focusing on SAVORING and PERSEVERANCE in Positive Psychology! Our Positive Education Focus this week, we discussed savoring and explained that it means to be in the moment, to be mindful as well as observe. We started the lesson off with discussing eating with all of your senses.

  1. Notice your food: Look at your plate closely.
  2. Observe your food: What color is it? What shape is it?
  3. Feel your food: How does it feel to the touch?
  4. Taste your food: Slowly chew and taste all the flavors.
  5. Enjoy: Really enjoy every single bite you take.

The teachers then completed the Raisin Medication activity with the children.

Raisin Medication Instructions:

We finished the activity with listening to the story, “Outside, You Notice”, by: Erin Alladin and illustrated by: Andrea Blinick. This story is about spending time outdoors will stir a child’s imagination. Nature sparks wonder, wonder leads to curiosity, and curiosity brings about a greater knowledge of the world and one’s self. In Outside, You Notice, a meditative thread of child-like observations (How after the rain/ everything smells greener) is paired with facts about the habits and habitats of animals, insects, birds, and plants (A tree’s roots reach as wide as its branches).

We encourage you and your family to SAVOR the moment! Observe what’s around you! Try eating with all of your senses!

Be sure to come back next week as we continue to discuss our topics of the month!!!

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