This past week, both centers had a Show ‘n Tell day! Each child was encouraged to bring one of their favorite stuffed animals (pets or farm animals) to school. The purpose of Show ‘n Tell is to build on children’s self-confidence as well as help with language skills, listening skills, and following directions.

Children are more likely to speak on things that they are familiar with, like their favorite toys, food, family & friends as well as their favorite place, like the park or bowling alley.

During Show ‘n Tell, each child took a turn (if they wanted to) to discuss what stuffed animal they brought from home. In the end, their friends/peers were able to ask questions about their stuffed animal.

Here are ways you can initiate conversation with your child is by asking specific questions.

Instead of: How was your day?

Try: I see you had Spanish today and you were talking about colors. What is your favorite color? (You can expand on this question by asking what do they see around them that are their favorite color.)

Instead of: What was your favorite center today?

Try: I see you had a special center called Pet Shop today! What did you like most about the special center? (You can expand on this question by asking ways to take care of animals.)

Instead of: I’m proud that you wrote your Letter of the week “Ee”.

 Try: You should be proud of yourself for working so hard with writing your Letter “Ee”. What are some words that start with the letter E? (You can even come up with words together!)

Instead of: Tell me about your Science experiment?

Try: I saw you had a Science Experiment with bubbles today! Were the bubbles small or big?

Children love seeing pictures of themselves, their classmates, their teachers, and the classroom. I encourage you to open Lillio with your child to show them pictures from their day. They will most likely expand on the pictures and tell you more about their day.

On a personal note, my son has a speech delay, showing him pictures helps him remember his day. While he may not be able to explain his day to me, he gets a great big smile on his face remembering his day from the photos. He will point to himself, friends, and teachers.

Be sure to come back next week as we talk more about Achievement (Goals) and Shifting! 

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