We are continuing to focus on the topics of Savoring and Perseverance this month! Perseverance is the ability to keep going when things are tough. Even if children don’t achieve or master something right away, they can keep persevering towards their goal.

Perseverance can be challenging, especially for children. Here are some ways you can teach (and support) perseverance.

  1. Give them brainteasers, like puzzles. Allow them to work on it independently first and then support after they have tried.
  2. It’s all about attitude. Focus on having a growth mindset and model perseverance. Fail in front of them and show them YOU have grit.
  3. Children are used to fast and easy solutions. They will not persevere just because you told them to, so don’t expect immediate results and be patient with them.
  4. Accept that everyone is different. What one child might excel in may not be easy for the other child. Let children work at it with the support from you. If you tend to continuously swoop in, they will never learn.
  5. Celebrate EVERY SUCCESS (big or small)! Don’t think the children need a prize every time they accomplish something. Some genuine and caring praise will go a long way. Also, focus on allowing them to be proud of themselves. Use phrases like, “You should be proud of yourself!”

Some other ways to teach children how to persevere.

  1. Getting dressed/undressed on their own. (pulling pants down/up to go potty, take their jacket off/on, zipping their zipper)
  2. Feeding themselves, even if there’s a mess.
  3. Allowing them to walk safely instead of being carried.
  4. For older friends, learning how to tie their shoes.
  5. Opening and closing containers/Ziploc bags in their lunches
  6. Learning how to wipe/blow their noses
  7. Introducing your children to messy play (art, water, etc.) and risky play (climbing on playground equipment).

Here are some Positive Mindset and Perseverance Quotes/Affirmations you can hang on your fridge or mirror in the bathroom for all to see.

  • Challenges give you a chance to grow
  • You are so willing to try
  • You are brave
  • Keep growing every day
  • Take a breath and relax
  • You’ve got this
  • Exercise your brain
  • Keep learning every day
  • Choose positivity today
  • Attitude makes a difference
  • Your best is just right
  • Mistakes = learning

“I am not afraid of storms, for I am learning how to sail my ship” –Louisa May Alcott

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