For the month of March, we are focusing on the topics of a Growth Mindset versus a Fixed Mindset as well as Stress and Worry. This past week, we discussed with the staff the difference between a Growth Mindset and a Fixed Mindset. If you are unsure, here is a breakdown between the mindsets.

Our attitudes, thoughts, and beliefs about something.

GROWTH MINDSET: The belief that we are capable of working hard to increase our potential and intelligence. We are never as smart as we can be.

Benefits of having a Growth Mindset: 

  • Humble
  • Learn from your mistakes
  • Open to learning
  • You believe you can become smarter
  • Speaks positively to themselves
  • Comfortable making mistakes

FIXED MINDSET: The belief that you are born with a certain amount of intelligence or potential and that’s it.

Drawbacks of having a Fixed Mindset:

  • Arrogant
  • You think you’re always right
  • Show off
  • Give up and get upset when you’re wrong
  • Negative self-talk when things don’t go right
  • Limits you from learning new things 

Here are the steps on how to teach a Growth Mindset to children.

  • What is a growth mindset? What is a fixed mindset?
  • Create a list of growth mindset statements/affirmations (see below)
  • Add mindset discussions to your daily routine.
  • Share your struggles together.
  • Help connect feelings with the mindset.
  • Learn something new.
  • Use the power of “yet”
  • Praise correctly
  • Use positive reinforcement
  • Reframe mistakes and failures
  • Hit pause 

Lastly, here are some Growth Mindset Statements/Affirmations for anyone to use.  

  1. Mistakes help me learn and grow.
  2. I haven’t figured it out YET.
  3. I am on the right track.
  4. I can do hard things.
  5. This might take time and effort.
  6. I stick with things and don’t give up easily.
  7. I strive for progress, not perfection.
  8. I go after my dreams.
  9. I cheer myself up when it gets hard.
  10. I am a problem solver.
  11. I try new things.
  12. Learning is my superpower.
  13. I am brave enough to try.
  14. I grow my brain by learning new things.
  15. I strive to do my best.

Be sure to come back next week as we continue to focus on the topics of Growth and Fixed Mindset, Stress, and Worry!!!

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