This past week, the staff had an optional team-building opportunity where we got together virtually and had a cooking class! While we see each other every single day at the school, our day is jam-packed and there is no time to connect and have conversation over coffee.  

Team Building is such an important way to connect! While it is not required for all staff to attend, we strongly encourage them all to participate in our monthly team-building events. Not only is it about connection, but it’s also about building trust and relationships. Oh and having fun as well! 

For our cooking class, we were given a detailed list of all the ingredients we would need for the cooking class. We hopped on and started cooking right away. We were able to chat and cook “together”! SO.MUCH.FUN and delicious!!! 

This is even something you can do at home with your “team”! Some days we are just going through the motions of our day and not realizing we need to take some time to connect, spend time and enhance the relationships that surround us. It doesn’t have to be a cooking class; it can be a walk in nature or even a family game night. Whatever you and your family think is fun and a way to connect. 

Here are a few more ideas on ways to connect and enhance relationships! (Some of these were previous Team Building events we participated in before Covid)

  1. Flower Arrangements 
  2. Mission Escape Room 
  3. Bowling
  4. Going to the movies
  5. Dressing up and going to a fancy dinner 
  6. Scavenger Hunt in downtown Annapolis
  7. Beach Weekend 
  8. Walking or Biking a Trail
  9. Paddle Boarding or Canoeing 
  10. Karaoke Night 

“The best way to lead people into the future is to connect with them deeply in the present.”

Be sure to come back next week as it will be our last week on the topics of Savoring and Perseverance!!!

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