Welcome, April! We are so glad you’re here as we are looking forward to blooming flowers, warmer weather, and more opportunities to spend outside. As we move into this month, we are focusing on Purpose, Habits/Rituals, and Strengths.

The definition of a habit is an automatic urge to do something, often triggered by a particular cue. Whether commuting to work or in a meeting, the action is drinking coffee or buying a croissant.

The definition of a ritual is that you are fully engaged with a focus on the experience of the task, rather than its mere completion. Rituals do not need to be spiritual or religious either.

Habits are something we do without thinking, like brushing our teeth. We don’t even think about it. That’s the benefit of habits, once we do something repeatedly, it becomes automatic, however, rituals, are more meaningful and increase mindfulness.

How to build more meaningful habits:

  1. Rituals increase appreciation- rituals turn the ordinary into something meaningful. Ever feel that you aren’t stopping to enjoy the small things in your life? Build a ritual that can bring together what you love with what you have to do.
  2. Rituals transform the mundane- It’s necessary to create a special space and practice to protect what matters to us. Whether it’s taking a bath, reading a book, practicing meditation, or just winding down and listening to music, our personal time is precious. Frustrated with never having the right moment to do what you want? Design a ritual that will help you protect the space, time, and energy to take care of yourself. Rituals turn ordinary experiences into sacred ones. 
  3. Rituals help celebrate life-We’re usually so busy that we miss noticing the good things in our lives. Rituals provide an emotional and rewarding way to celebrate the good news- no matter how small or big. Do you feel like you don’t appreciate progress? Create a ritual to remind yourself to celebrate small victories. Rituals are not obsessive behavior, but a way of celebrating life.
  4. Rituals build a stronger community- We cannot change the world alone. Collective rituals are as important as individual ones. Frustrated with people not collaborating? Design a ritual to reinforce the emotional connection between your team- rituals are much more effective than words. Rituals bring people together around a shared experience. 
  5. Rituals help us jump into action- A good ritual creates an emotional connection without our tasks. Work doesn’t feel like work, but something more interesting. Tired of experimenting with productivity hacks? Build your own ritual. Create an experience that’s true to who you are and will create excitement. Rituals are anything but passive- they move you into action. 

Rituals are personal- find and design an experience that fits your emotions and needs, not someone else’s. 

Rituals help you enjoy the journey and provide a sense of purpose in your life. They offer a sense of renewal- a time out from your everyday routine. 

Rituals are evolving daily practices. What works today might not be so effective tomorrow. A ritual isn’t the destination, but a path to start your journey. 

Be sure to come back next week as we discuss more about Purpose, Habits/Rituals, and Strengths. 

*information from nesslab.com and fearlessculture.com

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