Where did the time go?! There are ONLY two weeks left of the school year and we jump right into summer!!! As we enter the last two weeks of school year, the children will be celebrating the Best of 2023-2024. This could be a favorite theme or letter of the week, a memorable activity the children played, or a fun art project. We are closing out the year with an Ice Cream Social and our Pre-K classes will be GRADUATING!!! Hats off to everyone for their hard work, dedication, and commitment to learning, growing, and continuing shining as you move on to your next adventure! We are so, so proud of you! 

As we move into summer, we have SO MANY fun things planned throughout the 12 weeks! During the summer, we will share activities that you can do at home, homemade recipes, outdoor fun, and even how to add Positive Psychology into your every day. 

Be sure to come back at the end of every month to see what’s happening and any takeaways! For now, we are planning and finalizing graduation, summer, and all the fun we will have!!!

We currently have SELECT SPOTS at both locations for the summer (starts 6/3), so please be sure to reach out because you do NOT want to miss out!!! 

Glen Burnie (#160256)

Phone: 410-768-4526 or 

Email: b.beverly@bright-beginning.com

Crownsville (#130684)

Phone: 410-923-3192 or 

Email: w.carr@bright-beginning.com

“Make it a summer you’ll always remember, with people you’ll never forget.” –Author Unknown

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