Happy New Year! The children and teachers are settled back into their routine and everyone is feeling great!

With the New Year come new goals, new resolutions, and a new word. If you are having trouble coming up with any, we suggest you and your family make a list of what you want MORE of and LESS of for the year.

Is there something you’re doing TOO MUCH of and want to either lessen or eliminate? Put that on your “LESS” list.

What about something you or your family always wanted to do and you haven’t yet? Add it to your “MORE” list.

After creating the list, you can most likely narrow down your goals/resolutions and word for the year.

Here are some examples of MORE/LESS that you and your family can add to your list!


  • Consistent Routine- Having a schedule and routine that works for the family and then sticking to it. When there’s consistency, especially for children, they are less likely tantrums and tears. This goes for arrival at school! We strongly encourage your child to arrive at school no later than 9:15am. Morning Meeting begins promptly by 9:30am. The discussion during the Morning Meeting is what sets them up for success each day. Arriving before the Morning Meeting gives your little one time to adjust, get some hugs from their teacher, and have a little time to play in centers/outside with friends.
  • Story Time- This month’s challenge is for your child to read at least 10 books (more if you can) at home, so this is the perfect time to add more reading to your list. At the end of the month, if everyone reads at least 10, we will have a GLOW PAJAMA PARTY!!!
  • Moving our Bodies- Even if it’s just 15 minutes, as a family, add movement to your list. That could be taking a walk, getting the bikes out, kicking a ball in the backyard, or going to a park. Moving your body each day also helps lower/eliminate stress as well as make us feel good!
  • Find a Hobby- What’s something that you or a family member has always wanted to do, but haven’t had a chance to? Add this to your list! You can write down different hobbies and add them to a jar. Pick one at random and do it together as a family. This could be a paint night, going to the library, gardening, yoga, or cooking class.
  • Trying New Foods- During this month and in the classrooms, we will have a Cooking Class with the children where they will try foods from the rainbow. Children are more likely to try new foods when they are helping with cooking and baking. Set aside some time to cook or bake with your littles.


  • Eliminate Screen Time During Meals- During meals with family encourage everyone to put their gadgets away. Ask everyone how their day was and what was their favorite part. Also, there are conversation starters that you can print and add to a jar. Pass it around while eating and share your responses! 
  • Rushing- Along with adding a consistent routine to your list, try to eliminate the need to rush every day by getting yourself and your family set up for success. Have everything ready the night before. Clothes out, backpacks, and lunchboxes ready to go. Don’t forget your water bottle and anything needed for special days! Be sure to look at the monthly newsletter and emails to stay up to date. 
  • Negative Self-Talk- Let’s eliminate negative self-talk from our vocabulary. It’s not good for YOU and anyone around you, like your littles. Let’s be gentle with ourselves and model how we speak to ourselves for our children. When things are tough, say “This is hard, but I’m going to keep trying!”  
  • Sleep Deprived- With a consistent routine, it’s so important that you and your children get adequate sleep for a successful day ahead. Find a nighttime routine that works for you and your family and then stick to it!

Be sure to come back as we will continue discussing the topics of Achievement and Shifting!

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