Last weekend we had our Annual Book Fair and Fundraiser! We are so thankful to everyone that contributed to making the fair and fundraiser successful!!!

We are continuing the book fair online and you can order until Thursday, the 19th, so be sure to click on the link below (25% of every purchase benefits our school), if you haven’t ordered your books yet!!! Books are PERFECT for the upcoming holidays!

Arts & Crafts
Face Painting
Games- Bowling
Thank You to everyone that donated to our bake sale!

A Special Thank You to the businesses that contributed to our event!




Sofi’s Bakery-

C&S Creations-

Stephanie Marshall- Oh4cakessake (Instagram)

Be sure to come back next week and every week this month of October as we are focusing on:

  • Fire Safety
  • Day & Night and Similar & Different
  • Let’s Build and Manners & Routines
  • Making Friends, Sounds and Homes

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