We JUMPED right into Camp Junior Muscles this past week! Each day, the children would learn all about Health, Nutrition, and Fitness. The teachers incorporated fun activities into the day, like parachute fun, hula hoop, egg relay races, obstacle courses, t-ball, and even making friendship salad. 

We had a special dress-up day where we wore our favorite sports teams’ jersey or shirt. We had bike day and learned how to keep our body healthy, like drinking water, brushing our teeth, getting a good night’s sleep, and nutritious foods. 

Here are some fun ways to stay healthy and active at home with your family. 

  1. Move your body, even if it’s just for 15 minutes a day! Take a walk, bike/scooter ride, or kick the ball around in your backyard.
  2. Create an obstacle course or fun outdoor challenges and get your entire family involved.
  3. Plan your meals together and ahead of time. Planning will help eliminate not having anything for meals and buying fast food instead. 
  4. Cook together! If your children are involved, they will more likely want to try the meals/snacks when they are cooking too! 
  5. Try a new food every day or week! Put new foods on a piece of paper and fold them up and put them in a jar, have someone pick out a piece of paper, and try that food for that week. 
  6. Get your water in! Find a fun way to get your water in with your family. Whether it’s a challenge or marking it off on a piece of paper. 
  7. Freeze fruit in ice cubes and add it to your water, rather than grabbing that caffeinated soda, tea, or juice. 

Create a schedule with your family and stick to it! Be sure to incorporate physical activities, get your water in, try new foods, and take care of your body! 

Be sure to come back next week as we DIVE right into Camp Waterworks!!!

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