We are one week into the new school year, and it was a success! The teachers and children have settled in nicely into their classrooms and are getting comfortable with the routine of the day as well. We took the first week to get adjusted, meet new friends, learn the rules and routine as well as have fun and learn!!!

The children learned how to play with friends on the playground as well as explore and learn how to climb on the equipment safely.

We also learned how to line up when it’s time to start our day in the morning as well as coming inside in the afternoon.

The children are learning how to sign in every day in their classroom, whether that’s finding their name or learning to write their name.

We are learning how to sit in circle for our meetings and learning how to sit at the table for snacks and meals.

And, we are learning how to play, complete fun projects, story time and have fun while being safe!

As we go into our second week of the new school year, here are a few friendly reminders to help ease the transition from home to school.

  1. Please arrive NO LATER THAN 9:15am as this sets your child up for success every single day as well as helps eliminate any disruptions or distractions from others during Morning Meeting. Arriving by 9:15am gives your child the opportunity to run around on the playground, get extra hugs from teachers and some time with their friends before starting their day. As you may know, jumping right into the day can be hard and a few extra minutes to get ourselves together and ready for the day can really help eliminate hard days.
  2. For drop off, please make sure to park in the designated parking spot, turn your engine and open the HiMama app to sign your child in. Gather your child and their items (lunch box, water bottle, backpack, etc.). During pick up, pull in the designated parking spot, turn off your engine and open the HiMama app to check your child out. Check your child’s cubby daily, take home your child’s lunch box, water bottle and backpack (at the end of the week). *Please make sure to wash your child’s water bottle daily as sand, dirt and germs may be on the water bottle. Also, please make sure to wipe down lunch boxes and backpacks as we want to eliminate the spread of germs.
  3. LABEL, LABEL, LABEL!!!! Please make sure to LABEL all items as things sometimes do get misplaced. Also, multiple children may have the same item, and this can cause confusion. Be sure to check out our Mabel’s Label fundraiser for stylish, washable sticker labels!
  4. Nap items MUST fit inside a backpack/reusable bag. We suggest a fitted crib sheet, blanket, travel size pillow and optional plush animal or an all-in-one mat.
  5. Any cold items in your child’s lunch need to be labeled and placed in the classroom refrigerator until lunchtime. We suggest a thermos for hot items as we are unable to heat up at any time.
  6. We strongly suggest a hydro flask type water bottle with a locking lid as this will keep the water cold and drinking spout covered. The teachers will refill as needed.
  7. Please make sure your child has TWO extra sets of weather appropriate clothing AT ALL TIMES as accidents do happen.
  8. Be sure to check the weather every morning when dressing your child as we do go outside three times a day weather permitting.
  9. Make sure to read all emails from your site Director as well as your child’s teacher and be sure to check out messages and daily reports from HiMama and our monthly newsletter. We have LOTS going on and we do not want your child to miss out!

Lastly, we will continue to send out important information, tips/suggestions, activities, and art that you can do at home, so be sure to check out our blog every week!!!!

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