We finished Camp Art & Movement Sensation this past week and it was SO.MUCH.FUN!!!

The children participated in bike day, relay races, field day activities, parachute fun, yoga, breathing exercise, stretching, tie-dyeing shirts, and so much more!!!

The benefits of regular movement are:

  • Physical Development- this occurs through movement. Children must have an opportunity for movement to help them reach physical milestones.
  • Better Fine Motor Skills- before they can hold a pencil to write, they must first develop their gross motor skills.
  • Improved Concentration- regular movement helps with concentration. At BBCLC, we incorporate many brain breaks with movement. This helps children to re-energize and to refocus.
  • Increase Brain Development- when children are moving, they are sending oxygen to their brains. This helps with proper functioning and increased circulation, which means they will have increased brain activity and the ability to learn effectively.
  • General Health- children that move will most likely turn into adults that move, which leads to adults being healthier. Regular movement is necessary for your health and well-being.

Some of the other activities the children enjoyed participating in were Beach Ball Decorating, Blow Art, 3-D Art, and mixing Primary Colors to make Secondary colors.

Here are some fun Summer Art Activities that you can do at home with your kids:

  1. Watermelon Squish Bag: Add hair gel with red food coloring and small black buttons (“seeds”) into a Ziploc bag. Seal the bag and add green tape to the top, so nothing gets out. Children can play with it and use it as a counting activity. So fun!!
  2. Bubble Art: 1 part of non-toxic acrylic paint, 1 part of non-toxic dish soap and 2-3 parts water. Mix the bubble paint, take a straw and blow some air into the bubble paint mixture. When you get a clump of bubbles, take a piece of paper and gently press it into the bubbles. Ta-da!!
  3. Cool Whip Art: Edible puffy paint for the sidewalk, bathtub or paper! How cool is that?! Ingredients include whipped topping and unsweetened drink mix. That’s it!

Be sure to come back next week as it’s our LAST week of summer with Camp Fiesta!!!

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