Argh Mateys! We just finished Camp Pirates and Princesses and we had a BLAST! This week is always such a fun week as the children searched for buried treasure, “walk the plank”, splashed in the water during Water Day and became a prince or princess when making crowns, wands and even riding on (pool noodle) horses.

Here are two Pirate Songs:  

5 Little Pirates (Tune: 5 Little Ducks)

Five little pirates went out one day

Over the hill and far away

The captain said, “Yo, ho, ho, ho!”

But only four little pirates came back home.

Countdown to zero little pirates.

Sad old captain went out one day

Over the seas and far away

Sad old captain said, “Yo, ho, HO!”

And five little pirates came right back home!

5 Little Pirates

Five little pirates heading out to shore

One jumped overboard and now there are four.

Four little pirates heading out to sea

One stole all the captain’s gold and now there are three

Three little pirates with not a lot to do

One was made to walk the plank and now there are two

Two little pirates having lots of fun

One drank the first mate’s juice and now there are two

One little pirate sitting in the sun

He decided to abandon ship and now there are none

Here is a Princess Craft:

Pink Princess Slime


  1. Pour the entire bottle of pink Elmer’s glue into your mixing bowl.
  2. Add ¼ cup Elmer’s Magical liquid to the pink glue. If you don’t have magical liquid, add 1 teaspoon baking soda and 1 1/2 -2 tablespoons contact lens solution to the bowl.
  3. Use the fork to mix the magical liquid into the glue.
  4. Use your hand to mix, knead, pull and stretch your slime into your desired consistency. If your slime is still too sticky, add more magical liquid, a little at a time.
  5. Once your slime is at your desired consistency, add in your pink glitter.
  6. Mix the glitter into the slime.
  7. Have fun!

*Adult supervision is needed when children are playing with slime.

We are STOMPING into next week with Camp Land of the Lost!!! Be sure to come back!

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