FALL is here!!!! To celebrate the new season, we enjoyed bike day at the centers where the children brought their bikes or scooters along with their helmets and rose around the blocked-off parking lot. The children and teachers were able to enjoy the beautiful weather, move their bodies all while having fun and being safe.

We encourage you and your family at home to take some time out of your day to ride bikes (or go for a walk) in your neighborhood or even find a local trail. The children LOVE getting outside to ride their bikes, run around, and spending time with their loved ones, plus it’s a great way to connect all while moving our bodies! (A conversation starter while riding bikes can be “What colors are the leaves on the tree?” or “Let’s see what colors we can find in nature!”) 

Some of the other fun things we did this week we’re learning all about our families and ourselves.  We also practiced some breathing exercises (smell the flower and blow out the candle) while we listened to soft sounds of the ukulele.

For our last week in September, we are focusing on “My Community” as our theme for the week. Also, if you or anyone you know is a community helper, we would love for you to send in a video (less than 5 minutes) of who you are, what you do for our community, and any other important information that ages 2-5 will understand. We will share these videos during our Circle Time Meetings. Please email the site Directors directly! 

As we are preparing for October month, we wanted to share with you a few highlights of what we will be introducing and discussing. 

  • Positive Psychology
  • Specials (Yoga/Mindfulness, Jumpbunch, Spanish, Author of the Month)
  • Festive Themed Cooking
  • Pumpkin Fun Day
  • Fire Safety 

Be sure to come back EVERY WEEK for important information, tips/suggestions, activities, and art that you can do at home with your family!

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