Along with Positivity, Engagement, and Meaning (with a focus of Self-Compassion and Resilience), we also focused on Holidays Around the World! For the past two weeks, we traveled all around the world and discussed a variety of traditions and different ways to celebrate. 

We also celebrated by having our Annual Holiday Party last Friday! The teachers planned SO many fun and festive games, activities, and art! We enjoyed listening to festive music, had a book exchange, and ended it with a festive luncheon! As always, a HUGE Thank You to the families that donated to make our party a success!!!

Last Saturday, the BBCLC team had our Annual Holiday Party! We started it off with a Gingerbread House Contest. So much fun and so many laughs! I highly suggest having a timed gingerbread house contest at your house!!! 

We enjoyed a catered dinner & charcuterie board (@grazebythebay), played trivia games* and ended it with a gift exchange! 

Congratulations to Ms. Brittany and Ms. Kristian for winning the most votes!!!

*Fun trivia questions you can ask your family & friends during the holiday get-togethers.

1. What is the wettest animal at the North Pole? -The rain-deer

2. What do elves eat for breakfast? -Snow flake

3. What do you call Santa at the beach? -Sandy Claus

4. Where do snowmen go to dance? -A snow ball

5. What did the gingerbread man put on his bed? -A cookie sheet

6. What do you call an old snowman? -Water

7. Where does the snowman keep his money? -In a snowbank 

8. What did one angel say to the other? -Halo there

9. Which one of Santa’s reindeer has bad manners? -Rude-olph 

Lastly, here are 7 Creative Ways to ENGAGE with Your Kids:

1. Build a blanket fort

2. Try new recipes (or decorate cookies like we will be doing next week!)

3. Make paper snowflakes

4. Set up an indoor obstacle course

5. Play hide and seek 

6. Write stories together

7. Have an indoor picnic

From BBCLC Family to yours, we wish you a very Happy, Healthy, and Safe Holiday! Be sure to come back in 2023!!!

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