Doreen Campbell

In my position as Behavioral Specialist I see many different childcare setting all over the county every day. I tell people “I have a very short list of place I’d send my kids.” and I’m very serious. I chose Bright Beginning precisely because I do see what is out there every day, some good and some absolutely terrifying. Bight Beginning is a very special place.

First and foremost the staff make this center what it is. They are warm and caring and sincerely love the children they serve. The quality of the education they provide and the enthusiasm and creativity with which they provide it is above and beyond what is typical. My daughter loves “going to school”. On those days when she has a bit of a hard time in the morning, there is always a smiling face and loving arms in which to place her. That makes a parent feel a little less guilty about leaving their child. Another quality, which makes the staff at this center stand out, is their ability to listen to concerns and respond to them. I never have any second thoughts about expressing concerns, giving feedback or providing ideas because I know that they will be heard and acted on if necessary.

The quality of the program in general is wonderful and much more enriched then any I have seen in the county so far. My child is always so excited about Spanish. It is her favorite thing! I love to listen to her singing songs she has learned or trying to use phrases. Jump Bunch, Music, Abrakadoodle, all extras that many centers would not provide or if they did at extra cost to the family, all extras that make my child’s experience so much richer.

This program is outstanding. Alice Anne and her Staff make it a very safe and special place for my child. For that I owe them a huge debt of gratitude. Although, it is quite a commute to get my daughter there every day, I gladly make it. I know what is out there. I see it every day. Most days I see something that reminds me how lucky I am to have the family at Bright Beginning keeping my child safe and happy. I am truly fortunate to have the job I have because it makes me actively appreciate these wonderful people and what they do almost daily.

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